About me

My name is Rosa Leijdekkers

I like to facilitate people to live from their heart and to change their own lives and the lives around them in a positive way.



Studies and some of the experiences that have led me to the things I am doing are…

*A Bachelors degree in Social Work (Cultural and Social Education HBO)

*A Bachelors degree in holistic coaching and healing
– Inner child work
– Voice Dialogue
– The work (of Byron Katie)
– Jung psychology
– Past Reality Integration
– Intuitive Dialogue
– Advanced techniques of Reiki and Bio-resonance

* Founding Salsachool Salsarosa ( 2004- 2008), Zumba school Zumba Haarlem (2009-2012), Ecstatic Dance Haarlem ( 2015 -2017) and Elementaldance Meditation (Since 2017)

*Reiki 1st and 2nd degree

*The Elemental yoga teacher training

*The organisation and guidance of dance and yoga weekends on Schiermonnikoog

*Teaching Elemental yoga from 2012

* A Bachelors degree in dance education at the LCA (Landelijk Centrum voor Amateurdans)

* Leading a  meditationgroup for concious creation in 2014

* Initiating and organising a free festival on Zandvoort Beach with workshops and music performances for sharing hearts and creativity in 2013 (geefdoorfestival)

* Writing lyrics, singing and performing music

* And off course, creating the happinessgames and uniting people for a green and clean world. See www.greencocreations.org for more information.