My Pledge

My name is Rosa Leijdekkers. I am a social and cultural Entrepeneur, yoga and dance teacher, Life coach and Reiki healer, but more than that I am fed up with living in a world where I can’t even tell if my clothes are being made by childrens hands. Where I can hardly buy any food without causing serious plastic pollution and where the tax money I pay is sponsoring companies I disagree with.

I desperately long for a sustainable, holistic, fair and honest world. I have decided to make a start living according to this world myself. So hereby I make the pledge to do four things every month for the rest of my life.

  1. Stand up and speak my truth

Ignorance is the biggest cause for things to stay the way they are. Sometimes it is easier to agree with something you do not agree with, than to stand up and say no. There are a lot of awefull things going on concerning lawmaking and companies these days and although we mostly think there is nothing we can do about it, we as consumers/citicens are the most powerfull changemakers in the world. So I, as a consumer and citicen, will communicate a clear NO at least once a month. In a harmless and creative way off course.. Oh, and this is the real challenge,… I will try to be radically honest in my relationships (in a empathic way). Because even allowing friends to say or do things that feel wrong, witholds them from the opportunity to be a better person or to know what I really think.

  1. Embrace at least one solution a month

Even tough some things are great solutions, it always takes effort to be a pioneer in doing things differently. Duh.. it means I have to change and me, being a human-species, do not like to get out of my comfortzone too much. Even though it doesn’t have to be this way, mostly it takes more effort to be part of the minority doing things differently than sticking to the known. But I do want things to change so I will stick to implementing at least one new solution every month.

  1. Connect the Islands

I strongly believe in the power of co-creation. There are great examples, yet we still live in a financial system where most NGO’s and entrepeneurs need to put their own name on the projects they work on in order to make an income. Even though people work on solving the same problems, they are also dependent on funds or clients. That makes them competitors as well. This is a fact. Yet so much more can be reached when people truly co-create towards a better future. Therefore I will help at least one person or company a month, to work towards a more beautifull future. Doing it is living the experience, wich enables me to already step into a world where competition has been replaced by co-creation.

  1. Spending as much attention to the world inside of me as to the world around me

I believe our experiences are the mirror of what is going on inside. Criminals were not born bad, but are mostly traumatised. The reason our world is so unbalanced is because many people are unbalanced. So best to start with balancing myself, beceause a better world always starts from the inside.

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